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Friday MAY 19th 2023  21st Anniversary show at the Starry Plough

OMG, are we 21?? Why yes, yes we are! Loretta came out singing in Heather's living room in 2002, and we haven't stopped since. 

Come join us at the Starry Plough, our original home-away-from-home, as we ditch the fake I.D. in the company of some of our finest musical pals, including LL founding member Joe Rut, High Diving Horses (Laura and Danny Allen), Berge Tomasian, Ira Marlowe, Yard Sale, Paul Pot, Maurice Tani  and Jill Rogers and Myles Boisen of Jill Rogers & Crying Time 

More coming, but in the meantime, this playtime has been a long time in the making. Mark your calendars!

VENUES we've played include...
Make-Out Room, SF
Monkey House, Berkeley
Neck of the Woods, SF

Pacific Coast Brewing, Oakland
Slim's, SF
Starry Plough, Berkeley
Shoreline Amphitheater
Thee Parkside, SF
West Coast Live - NPR

... and house parties, memorial services, weddings... it's all fun!
Amnesia SF

Bull Valley Roadhouse, Port Costa
Freight & Salvage, Berkeley
Glastonbury Music Festival, UK
Great American Music Hall, SF
How Berkeley Can You Be festival

Ivy Room, Albany
Lost Church, SF
KALX Berkeley
KPFA Berkeley

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