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Loretta Lynch is "Americana Noir": a little tear in your beer, a little knife in the back,

a twist of rusty barbed wire wrapped around an earnest heart. Lush three-part harmonies and raucous surf-tinged guitar burnish Country-Folk-Blues originals and

y'all-ternative takes on 80's punk and classic Standards. 

The band hails from "EastBaynia", where one town flows into the next along

 the east side of the San Francisco Bay. They're a quintet fronted by a female trio

(none named Loretta) who sing in three-part harmony,

trading leads and instruments, backed by electric guitar and drums.

“Home Fires”, the band’s latest full-length, critically acclaimed album, explores

the decay of domestic life: loss and regret, bitterness and revenge,

earthy humor, sweetness and occasional spasms of optimism.

Loretta has played venues all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including the historic Great American Music Hall and Slim’s nightclubs; Berkeley's Freight

and Salvage Coffeehouse; England's Glastonbury Music Festival; at the Sleep Train and Shoreline Amphitheatres opening for Alabama; and more than once on the nationally-syndicated "West Coast Live" radio show. Loretta Lynch was named on NPR's 'Marketplace' site as one of the "Great Pop Music Artists of Today".

It’s a little bit front stoop, a little bit backwoods, it’s the art motel on a long stretch of highway…it’s Loretta Lynch!

Loretta Lynch is:

Heather Davison

vocals, washboard, accordion

Val Esway

vocals, bass, guitar


Ari Fellows-Mannion


vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin

Nathan Moy


Dan Olmsted

electric and acoustic lead guitars

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Hi-Res photos

Photo: Mike Woolson

Photo: Mike Woolson

Photo: Myles Boisen

Photo: Case Conover

Photo: Myles Boisen


"Loretta Lynch plays the sort of California country-lover's country that has no past, as if it rolled in on a wave one day and set up shop. Buttery vocal harmonies and wary rhythms convey timeless tales about heartbreak, coming home, and growing old that still manage to sound utterly modern." - Nate Seltenrich, East Bay Express

"... Grab a copy of Loretta Lynch’s new album “Concrete and Ether”... as much vino and tequila as you can carry ... Let the music of Loretta Lynch whirl you into a frenzy, dance around the living room in full view of the neighbours, and exorcise those demons." - Americana UK 

"Loretta Lynch's sweet facade -- gorgeous vocal harmonies, seemingly-pleasant melodies, exceptional musicianship -- masks their richly nuanced dark underside of regret, loss, murder, revenge, and bad drunken decisions made in late-night bars. That they do it with such beauty (and the odd smack of a really barbed sense of humor and a toe-tappin' tune that's difficult to dislodge from one's head) marks them as being in a class with very very few acoustic musicians. And if only more lyricists had their way with language..." - Greg Scharpen, KALX radio

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