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Loretta Lynch is a quintet fronted by a female trio (none named Loretta), who sing in three-part harmony, trading leads and instruments

(acoustic guitar, bass and washboard), backed by electric guitar and drums.

In 2002, Val, Heather and Ari got together to jam in a living room in Oakland, California, as one does, and within two songs decided to start a band.

We were a quartet for a few years, with Joe Rut on lead guitar. Joe left and Dan arrived, and then Jeffery Ruiz on drums for a while. Then we were a quartet again, until Nathan joined us, and here we are.


As a Trio, Ari, Heather and Val, have sung backup with numerous artists, on stage and in the studio. As a full band, we've played intimate, acoustic house parties with a café drum kit, all the way up to big stages with big drums and

loads of reverb. We're vocal-centric, and even at our loudest we're

not ear-splitting. We're darn punctual, too. And nice. 

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