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"Loretta Lynch plays the sort of California country-lover's country that has no past, as if it rolled in on a wave one day and set up shop. Buttery vocal harmonies and wary rhythms convey timeless tales about heartbreak, coming home, and growing old that still manage to sound utterly modern." - Nate Seltenrich, East Bay Express

NEW E.P. is OUT!  "All The Right Regrets"

Recorded with Bruce Kaphan in Fremont and at the late great Fantasy Studios in Berkeley; mixed and mastered with

Myles Boisen; cool package design by Jill Rogers.

FRIDAY, MAY 19  Our 21st Anniversary show!

Was a BLAST! Great crowd, amazing LL covers by 

 Jill Rogers & Crying Time, High Diving HorsesPaul Pot, with extra-psychedelic mayhem from Joe Rut.

Maurice Tani and Berge Tomasian squeezed onstage

for extra fun + sparkle.  

LL 21st anniversary show.png

Berge Tomasian sitting in on Smoke Rings

Photo credit: Robert Harker

LL 21st w Maurice.png

Maurice Tani and Ari reprise their duet on Baby Made 123

Photo credit: Aireene Espiritu


We say we're "Americana Noir":
little tear in your beer, a little knife
in the back, a twist of rusty barbed wire wrapped around an
earnest heart...

Lush three-part harmonies and raucous

surf-tinged guitar burnish Country-Folk-Blues originals and


takes on 80's punk and

classic Standards. 

We dredge up the dark heart of Americana and gently set it afire.

Loretta Lynch is:

Heather Davison

vocals, washboard, accordion

Val Esway

vocals, bass, guitar

Ari Fellows-Mannion

vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin

Nathan Moy


Dan Olmsted

electric and acoustic lead guitars

"Richmond Town" 

Photos, flyers from venues that no longer exist, the infamous Setlist Spreadsheet, the weird stuff we say in rehearsals...


it's LorettaLand!

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